MIAKYU is a sustainable knitwear brand founded in year 2017 in Germany. Founder and creative director Minchi Byun wanted to introduce sustainable repurposed yarns for the knitwear industry and stands behind the idea to create a bridge between enjoying fashion and contributing to our earth. MIAKYU brings its strong fashion character to sustainable yarns such as upcycled cashmere or upcycled wool. MIAKYU is where sustainability meets design and quality.

We are proud of our most sophisticated fit for a knitwear clothing which is only made possible through the excellent professionals whom we work with and one of the most experienced yarn suppliers for upcycled cashmere yarns. We want to make knitwears that are suitable for everyone regardless their body shapes. One that they want to wear anytime to feel comforted and confident.

Among our classic styles with virgin cashmere and merino extra virgin wool in premium quality, we present our sustainable styles with 100% regenerated cashmere from Italy and it is also one of our goals to extend our sustainable line season by season to offer more fashionable items with environment friendly yarns. Our upcycled yarns are certified through Instituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale and Global Recycled Standard. All our yarns are produced in Italy and all our styles are produced in Italy and Seoul.