Miakyu is a sustainable knitwear brand founded in 2017 by designer Minchi Byun with the aim to create a contemporary yet eco-friendly clothing brand. She wanted to create a bridge between enjoying fashion and contributing to our nature at the same time. Minchi has worked in various sectors in fashion industry for over a decade including a few of high-end luxury fashion houses in Germany and her passion for fashion now leads her to a new chapter with new challenges for women who pursue a conscious ethical lifestyle.

The simple reason why MIAKYU started working with regenerated cashmere yarn lies in the fact that there is already a big amount of cashmere textile waste alone in italy. They can simply gain a second life circle if they can be upcycled into new yarns. This has countless direct impacts on our environment. Through upcycling any sort of garments and reusing them, we can save enormous amount valuable resources such as clean water, raw materials and energy that have to be used to make a new garment and of course, we can keep clothes out of landfill at the same time. Our upcycled yarn is certified through Instituto Certificazine Etica e Ambientale and Global Recycled Standard. As we aim to extend our sustainable line season by season, we are constantly working on new styles with various upcycled garments.

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